About Us:

My name is R.Harold Potter. I am a licensed Texas Real Estate Agent. There are no licensing requirements in Mexico and no board or department to regulate real estate brokerage. Anyone can hang out their shingle and be a real estate agent in Mexico.

I am originally from South Texas, born and raised about 6 miles from the Mexican State of Tamaulipus, and have hunted in Mexico since around 1986. The ranch country in the Mexican states that border Texas is very similar to South Texas and in some respects much better.

Mexico revised their 1971 Foreign Investment Law first in 1993 and again in 1998, and finally had the laws Formalized, written down for all to see. It was quite a change from past rules and regulations. Now Mexican companies could be 100% foreign owned and were allowed to take direct title to lands in the Zona Restrigada or Restricted Zone, (the first 62 miles from their land borders or 31 miles from their sea borders) as long as it was for commercial enterprises, not residential developments. Also, past the Restricted Zone, in the interior, foreigners could now take direct title, in their names. Mexico also became a signatory to NAFTA, thereby agreeing to guarantee the same rights and privileges to U.S. and Canadian investors as they do their own.

Finally, there was a legal and secure way to buy a ranch in Mexico. In early 2001 we started listing Mexican ranches.

As of 2004, there are three different title insurance companies that are writing policies on Mexico real property purchases. Their prices have gotten competitive.

Our company can help you after the sale, if desired, with everything from ranch help, wildlife biologists, both from Mexico and Texas, and CPA’s and attorneys to homebuilding, blade work, or cattle buying. Whatever you want. We’ll even manage the ranch for you. As little or as much as you want.

The ranch sellers pay our sales commissions.

Thank you for your interest.

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For all inquiries regarding ranch sales in Mexico, please contact Jesus Santos directly in Sabinas, Coahuila Mexico at
011 52 1 (861) 102 8003
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